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Aulas Abiertas Europeas Lisboa 2013

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7am - September 23, 2013
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Do álbum Aulas Abiertas Europeas Lisboa 2013, European Open Classes in Portugal 2013 The International League of Pa-Kua promotes on 14 and 15 September 2013 the European Open Classes, in Lisbon - Portugal. It is a city built on hills lapped by the River Tagus, and with eyes fixed on the Atlantic Ocean. Lisboa, better known by the city of seven hills, is among the 10 most visited capitals and most beautiful in Europe, full of memories, history and various influences that mark the landscape to be discovered by visitors. Take this opportunity and participate in this great fellowship and exchange of knowledge between students and masters from around the world. Looking forward to your presence! Place a hold: Externato João XXIII. ;Rua Corsário das Ilhas, Parque das Nações 1990-249 Lisboa, Portugal Value and Place of Payment: Individual Registration - 60.00. Entries must be paid at the School of Pa-Kua that the participant practiced regularly until 25/08/2013. More information and reservations at (+351) 214 098 888 or aulas@pakuaportugal.com

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