We follow the model of face-to-face classes in our schools, always respecting the rules of each state and / or city.

In addition, due to the pandemic, we started offering classes in the online format. We prepared and reinvented our classes so that students could continue training regularly at home, keeping their health and well-being up to date.

The online classes are broadcast live on the Zoom platform, in real time with the instructor, providing personalized monitoring for your individual development. It is worth mentioning that all exercises are adapted so that you can train in the structure that your home offers.

You can choose to learn as many aspects as you want, from the most physical and dynamic, to the most therapeutic and relaxing. In different ways, they all end up helping in the self-knowledge process.

Regular exercise helps to keep your body in shape and release stress. In Pa-Kua, there is no competition.

We keep the family atmosphere even with online classes, because they happen live.

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