The use of sharp edged weapons is an intrinsic part of human evolution and its struggle for survival. It has generated a fascination that has remained with us in modern times

In Pa-Kua Edged Weapons, we train martial art with knives, sabers, swords and spears, developing order, courage and respect on the part of all practicing students.

These are the most disciplined and structured classes in Pa-Kua; this is necessary so that we can introduce ourselves to combat techniques with cutting weapons gradually and forcefully. We start with the curved saber and knives, advancing each time in the training of various weapons of greater technical complexity, such as the handling of the Jian sword, spear and others.

In this way we train the body and the mind, developing our capabilities to the fullest and obtaining greater self-control and discipline in a safe environment for practitioners.


Develops perception and reasoning speed.
Increased discipline and concentration.
Better coordination and body control.
Overcoming own fears.
Positive impact on the formation of personality.