Learn How to Defend Yourself in a Practical and Exciting Manner

Pa-Kua is one of the most complete Martial Art in the world, because it encompasses a huge range of combat techniques (foot, hand, elbow and knees, throws, levers, torsions, holds, hangings and subjugations) in a non- competitive framework of respect and discipline.

In our classes, students do not get hurt or hit each other unnecessarily. But they learn to defend themselves in an implacable, effective and lethal way. In Pa-Kua Martial Arts, knowledge and technique overcome brute force and violence. Our Instructors and Teachers are trainers of character and people with discipline and mental strength.

Initially the student learns simple linear techniques for self-defense. At its most advanced levels, Pa-Kua's characteristic circular techniques are incorporated, which allows the practitioner to effectively face stronger and larger opponents, even if there is more than one.


Better physical and mental strength.
Improved flexibility.
Self-defense abilities.
Increased physical self-awareness.
Improved self-esteem.
Better self-confidence.
Values of a warrior: honor, strength and courage.